Standard 7" Natural Grey/Brown Panels

The Perfect Reclaimed Paneling for your Project
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  • Great for rooms, ceilings, and accent walls
    Also for islands, doors, and beams
  • Great for rooms, ceilings, and accent walls
    Also for islands, doors, and beams

100% reclaimed

Crafted from west coast redwood, renowned for its incredible beauty, this paneling exudes a gorgeous rustic patina.

Aesthetic Quality

Each pack is a unique composition, featuring knotholes, nail holes, dents, and dings that enhance the wood's inherent beauty.

Naturally Weathered Color

Embrace the individual aging of each wood piece, resulting in a spectrum of naturally weathered colors. From varying shades of gray to brownish hues, these colors create a captivating visual appeal on any wall.

Easy Installation

Transform your space effortlessly with simple installation using construction adhesive and/or trim nails. Calculate the square footage by multiplying height by width (e.g., 8 feet tall x 10 feet wide = 80 square feet). To ensure ample coverage for cuts and waste, order at least 10% extra.

Unmatched Distinction

Our reclaimed wood stands apart from the competition with its unique characteristics. An ideal choice for those who appreciate shiplap on walls and the timeless beauty of rustic wood. If you seek a product that combines the allure of shiplap and rustic wood, this is the perfect choice for your space.

The rustic charm of reclaimed barnwood walls for your home